StudentsLink Mentorship Program

Our mission is to inspire our youth and better our future. 

Studentslink mentorship program

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Our program is provided at no charge as this is intended to inspire and motivate the youth towards a healthier future and ultimately benefit the society at large.

Government Programs

StudentsLink is affiliated with 3RealMates and RealTeachers that can provide you with rewarding careers in teaching if you choose to continue with our program.

School Programs

Our program is designed to be flexible and can be easily assimilated into any school development program. We work with you to decide what works best for your students.

Student Programs

Our mentoring program is held online and is expertly designed to suit high schools students looking to progress their career and fast track their success.

Mentorship Program At No Cost

Our StudentsLink Mentorship comes at no cost to schools or individuals. There are no hidden fees and are free to schools and students of all ages.

Building Our Future Leaders

Where you fast track your success

Our Mentoring Program looks to tap into the knowledge base, skills, and experience of our high performing management and skilled industry leaders and transfer these skills to students in order to advance their careers and assist with their overall development.


The goal and outcome of our program is to arm our tutors and our youths with the highest level of training, advice and guidance that is designed to set them on their best path to success. Our expert Mentors act as advisors, counselors and guides responsible for providing support to, and feedback on the individual in their charge.

Career development beyond what is taught in schools

Most students are looking for someone to help them advance their knowledge base and career prospects. Through advice and guidance, our mentors can help them develop their full potential in the workplace. Students learn vital soft and hard skills that assist with both workplace requirements as well as shaping one’s own personal growth.

Problem-solving and developing leadership skills

Our mentors act as a sounding boards when less experienced students come up against a situation or problem that they are not familiar with or can’t see a solution too. By partnering, they get to learn from the mentor’s experience and can play out and learn how to problem solve and come up with appropriate solutions. This also assists in teaching students on appropriate stress management techniques, vital in the future for a responsible leader.

Cross cultural interactions and protocols

Our mentoring program is a great way to boost networking opportunities. Through a mentoring program, a student can gain access to important career contacts and opportunities sooner. They also learn this highly useful skills enhances their negotiating and interaction skills. Plus with our program having a global reach, they understand the various protocols and guidelines of cross cultural interactions.

Receive the right direction and career advice

Our mentoring program teaches students to consider their development and answers many questions a novice may have. The skills they develop and guidance they receive gives them more control over the direction of their career and teach them to make responsible decisions in the future.

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Course Suggestions

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Our StudentsLink Mentorship courses

What do you want to learn today?

Your Complete Guide to Writing Your Resume and Cover Letter

This module teaches the essentials on creating a well written resume and cover letter that will set you apart from the crowd. This will teach students on how to create, write and design the template and will also address the various job seeking sites and avenues on offer.

How and Why Professional Confidence is important in any career

This module looks to inculcate valuable methods and viable strategies to help build and bring out natural and lasting confidence. Designed to enhance latent abilities, this is a very important life skill to have in any endeavour. The program looks to impart and instill strategies and ways in which this skill can be enhanced and developed.

Building Soft-Skills essential to your career

This module develops essential skills needed in leadership and managerial roles and when dealing with interpersonal workplaces. Through this module students learn the value of inter personal communication, learn diplomacy and empathy and develop leadership qualities.

Learn how you can develop your powerpoint and presentation skills

This module is designed to impart the knowledge of using PowerPoint and developing the skills needed to create a great presentation. This soft skill is vital as it teaches the values and aesthetics to enhance your presentation skills as well as effective ways of using the program.

How to start a business as a young person

This module helps students learn what it takes to start their own business and the requirements around it. This module is designed to encourage students to start simple initiatives while imparting essential knowledge around what is a business, the different types of ventures, how to register, Tax basics etc. It also teaches student essential life skills like how to set up their TFN and ABN.

Learn to build a website to stand out from the competition

An essential skill to possess this module is designed to bring out creativity and teach you the guidelines of building your own website. Students learn what it takes to build and promote their own website while learning essential tips and techniques of developing a great looking tool.

Fully customisable to any school program

Our mentoring program is held online in bite sized chunks that is easy to incorporate into any training schedule. They are expertly designed to suit high schools students looking to progress their career and fast track their success and covers a wide range of topic that suits them.


This mentorship program adds to what has already been applied in school. Due to our multicultural experience and global reach we are also able to assist youths broaden their perspective, understand how to deal with future work environments in a global arena and how to work with online platforms that are fast becoming a norm in the service and work industry.

Elizabeth Li Student

The mentorship program helped me feel more confident in my future. I am now applying to internships and part time jobs and have been getting lots of positive feedback.

Jillian Leah Student

My students have shown great initiation and higher confidence, we have many students coming in with updated resumes and we have seen a boost of confidence in many of the students.

Freda Walker Student

My students have shown great initiation and higher confidence, we have many students coming in with updated resumes and we have seen a boost of confidence in many of the students.

Peter Lance Student

I found it very difficult to kick-start my career as I was not sure how a real-world working environment would work. After starting the Studentslink mentorship The mentorship lead me to getting my first-ever part time job.