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Joining our StudentsLink program comes with benefits that you cannot find else where. Our program takes into account your busy schedule and we provide all the support and training that will prepare you for your lessons as well as your future career. Have a look below at a snapshot of some benefits you will gain by joining StudentsLink.

Build Management Capabilities

Our program will allow you to build on your management skills essential to any career.
Our 3RealMates program provides our tutors the opportunity to explore and develop new skills while building on their mentoring and management capabilities.
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Earn Money While Gaining Experience

Get paid while getting upskilled through our online tutoring program.
By joining our innovative team, our tutors get paid hourly rates as set by the current Australian government pay guide. This is in addition to the free training and guidance provided when you join 3RealMates.
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Cross Cultural Learning

Get first hand cross cultural learning by conversing with our international students.
At 3RealMates we pair our tutors and students from different countries based on their interests, providing an opportunity to interact with different cultures from around the world.
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Our Mentorship Program

All our tutors have free access to our mentorship program.
These are individually designed training modules dealing with teaching a wide range of essential skills from how to write a resume to how to build your confidence and more.
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Be Ahead Of Your Peers

Our program will teach you skills that can only be learnt through first hand experience.
3RealMates provides a mentorship program as well as in- depth training and guidance that prepares our tutors for their future careers and academic journey.
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Time Flexibility

Our team at 3RealMates understand how busy school schedules can get and we have developed our program to work with your schedule.
Our program will work around your busy school schedule to fit perfectly with the time you have available.
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Our Rewards Program

Be rewarded and celebrated with our program that will be beneficial in your future career.
We have a unique program where all our tutors achievements are recorded and celebrated. This not only provides a boost to tutor confidence but also a tangible example of their achievements for their future employers.
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Be Your Own Boss

You are in charge of your classes and students and can work when and where you want!
At 3RealMates you can be your own boss bu increasing your own branding and gaining more students based on your own time and schedule.
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All you have to do is fill up a simple form, which you can access via the button below! You will then be able to start creating a brighter future for yourself by teaching at StudentsLink.

Get a Head Start in the real world before completing high school

Our StudentsLink tutors gain real world working experience as well as an opportunity to develop their career through our career progression system and mentorship program, provided by our not for profit arm – StudentsLink.

Global Peer to Peer Education Initiative

How Does It Work?

Our StudentsLink Program

Our program provides mentoring, in depth training and guidance. Tutors gets matched with students of similar age and interests in non-English speaking countries like China via an online video conference application (very similar to Skype or Zoom). With a basic curriculum template to follow the tutors are encouraged to build friendships with the students while teaching them basic spoken English.

StudentsLink Peer Initiative Program Involves:

  • A one-to-three tutoring of students located overseas who have registered to express their interest in learning English from a native English speaker.
  • A tutor at StudentsLink will learn and develop vital skills in class management, work organisation, and appropriate interactions with those of the same age.
  • StudentsLink moderator who oversees the class for quality and training purposes. This allows for customised training, coaching and feedback for all participants.

Our Tutor Growth Timeline

Here a real example of one of our tutors journey this past year with 3RealMates

  • Rachel Signs Up to StudentsLink Program

    Mid-March of 2019, we met Rachel a year 10 student at a school seminar in Melbourne. After speaking to our team on the day she signed up for our StudentsLink program.

    It was noted that Rachel was a quiet student who is highly intellectual but was not acing her classes as well as she could.


  • Training Process

    With the support of our tutor coordinators, Rachel was passing through the recruitment and training process with flying colors.

    Within 2 weeks of signing up, she was ready to have her first trial class, and Rachel was more confident and outspoken than when we first met her in the seminar.

  • Rachel Attends Confidence Building Seminar

    In late June after getting constructive feedback from us, Rachel decided to attend our Confidence building seminar to improve her confidence while teaching her students.

    Rachel also informed her mentor that she has joined the computer club at her school, as she feels more productive and interested in exploring new areas.

  • Rachel is awarded 'Student's choice for most improved tutor'

    In early August 2019, Rachel gained 5 long-term students and the feedback received showed that her clients had very high praises for Rachel's tutoring. She was also awarded 'Student's choice for most improved tutor'.

    Rachel also discussed with her StudentsLink mentor that she decided to enroll into university after graduating. She decided that she wanted to have a career in IT in the future.

  • Rachel's Performance In School Has Improved Significantly

    We checked in with the school to provide them with updates on their students' progress with our program and was told that Rachel has improved immensely academically.

    Rachel is also a lot more extroverted and outspoken than when she first started the program. She was also voted top tutor of the month.

  • Rachel is Performing Well In School & In Our 3RealMates Program

    Rachel is performing well in school as well as in our 3RealMates program. She is now more confident than ever and has told us that she is ready to start preparing for her ATAR subjects next year.

    She is also thinking of starting a small business selling scented candles online and she felt very prepared with the process after attending our "How to start your own business" mentorship session.

Questions you may have

StudentsLink Tutors are high school students and 1st year undergraduate students between the ages of 14 to 18 years of age, with demonstrated skills to become educators and a commitment to helping others globally. All you will need is a laptop/desktop and access to internet connection. 

  1. Sign-Up for our program on our website.
  2. Review and submit some materials and do a short introduction video so we can have an idea of how your speaking skills are!
  3. We will be providing you with training as well as teaching materials, and support.
  4.  We will then conduct a face to face training where you can practice your new teaching skills on a trainer, for better guidance.
  5. You will then conduct 4 trial classes so that we can provide feedback and support.
  6.  Sign your contract and teach!

No you do not need to be able to speak Chinese! We encourage our students and tutors to converse and interact in English only.

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