Creating A Global Classroom For The Future

We provide an online educational platform that pairs students with tutors through a peer to peer teaching initiative.

What StudentsLink Does

We are a leading online teaching platform that provides the opportunity for young people in Australia interested in teaching English to students around the globe. This online educational initiative was designed specifically for youths between the ages of 14 to 19, offering them an opportunity for paid peer to peer cross-cultural mentoring and tutoring services. It is effectively a global class room where youth tutors who speak English as their native tongue, teach other similar aged students looking to learn English.

Flexible Schedule

Work anytime anywhere at your own convinience
Our program is designed to work around our tutors busy school schedule, as all of our tutors are between the ages of 14 and 19 years old.
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Career Development

You will build skills and abilities that will help you in your future career.
Our mentorship program along with the training provided will support and prepare you for your future careers.
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Easy Preparation

We will provide you with training and lesson plans to help you prepare for your classes
Our program will prepare you for your classes as well as provide full support throughout your journey with us.
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Great Pay

You will be compensated well and richly rewarded for your efforts with us.
With a paid role, you will earn great money while empowering and up-skilling yourself.
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Earn Rewards

Earn rewards by collecting stars throughout your StudentsLink journey and be promoted with titles and stars to build their 3RealMates career.
We over over 5 titles and you can be promoted to. You can also collect stars that can be converted into e-money!
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Discover How We Bridge Borders Like Never Before

What our tutors have to say about StudentsLink

The solution to youth unemployment in Australia

Our Team at StudentsLink designed our mentorship and employment program to help our youths develop the skills needed in their future careers.

We aim to be the solution for youth unemployment in Australia and closing the youth unemployment gap, by providing youths between the ages of 14 and 19 paid positions with 3RealMates.  We will also provide the opportunities to develop their skills through our mentorship program that is free.

Teaching in all aspects

Our students develop their English skills faster, as our tutors and students share a similar discourse and interests, allowing for greater understanding. Furthermore, our students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a peer.

Our tutors also develop skills and strategies that are highly important in their future career. Tutors and students benefit from the cross cultural learning that is provided in our program.

Developing Career Skills

Our tutors are provided with complimentary mentorship and training. We also have a career progressing system which will allow our tutors to keep track of their progress throughout their time with us. Our mentorship program will cover skills and strategies that the tutors will need, such as, resume and cover letter writing, how to build confidence, starting a LinkedIn profile, how to start a business as a young person and much more!


Our StudentsLink online tutoring program will allow you to earn stars and be promoted. You will also be able to earn extra money through our rewards system by building your tutoring class sessions, students and reputation! Our tutors will also be promoted with job tiles that they can work towards to gain better career recognition!

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