Australia-China Youth Bridge

StudentsLink provides professional Australian study tours for Chinese youths and is committed to being a link between Chinese and Australian youths. Through our platform, you can also meet young people from Australia to learn English together and improve their English skills.

StudentsLink was founded by Belinda Kappe, who wanted to build a global platform that provides the training, opportunities and expert advice to assist the youth of today create a better and brighter future tomorrow. Her belief is creating equal educational and employment opportunities for all. This coupled with having access to the highest levels of mentoring and training, we believe is the foundation for a healthier and a more productive society tomorrow.

StudentsLink has overseen the careful assimilation of cross cultural exposure and global employment opportunities while promoting cultural harmony and understanding in all its dealings. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of quality and care for our students, teachers and employees alike.

Our mentoring programs’ and training approach ensures that our youth are well skilled and highly prepared for their future careers.

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