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We are a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing employment opportunities and educational programs designed to empower our future generations. We look to direct their potential and growth towards positive,

holistic and fulfilling outcomes so that every child today may feel valued, independent, capable and satisfied tomorrow.

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About StudentsLink

StudentsLink was founded by Belinda Kappe, who wanted to build a global platform that provides the training, opportunities and expert advice to assist the youth of today create a better and brighter future tomorrow. Her belief is creating equal educational and employment opportunities for all. This coupled with having access to the highest levels of mentoring and training, we believe is the foundation for a healthier and a more productive society tomorrow.

StudentsLink has overseen the careful assimilation of cross cultural exposure and global employment opportunities while promoting cultural harmony and understanding in all its dealings. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of quality and care for our students, teachers and employees alike.

Our mentoring programs’ and training approach ensures that our youth are well skilled and highly prepared for their future careers.


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We Offer a Mentoring Program That Empowers the Leaders of Tomorrow

Specifically designed to impart real life skills, knowledge and advice that will help you navigate your future career and workplace requirements to the benefit and success of all. Together, we can build a great future.


We value the feedback we receive and this reflects our collaborative and flexible approach to youth empowerment. This shapes our course and structure as we progress.

Elizabeth Li Student

The mentorship program helped me feel more confident in my future. I am now applying to internships and part time jobs and have been getting lots of positive feedback.

Peter Lance Student

I found it very difficult to kick-start my career as I was not sure how a real-world working environment would work. After starting the Studentslink mentorship The mentorship lead me to getting my first-ever part time job.

Jillian Leah Student

I am so glad I had this program. It has greatly helped my understanding of what is actually needed when I step out into the workforce. I don’t think this is taught in schools, at least I wasn’t taught this. I don’t feel so green now and have more confidence and less fear of whats in store for me in the future.

Freda Walker Student

I really enjoyed this program and the topics they address are great. I especially like the build your own business when young course, as it showed me a tangible way to set up my own business (which I have been thinking of doing) and create the essentials to promote myself. The material was delivered in an easy to understand way and was very informative.

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