You are currently viewing City of Mandurah with the help of StudentsLink successfully hosts the “2020 StudentsLink  Young People development and Leadership Workshop Event.”

City of Mandurah with the help of StudentsLink successfully hosts the “2020 StudentsLink Young People development and Leadership Workshop Event.”

With plenty of fun, activities, free food and a unique employment opportunity, The City of Mandurah is very proud to announce the successful hosting and completion of this fantastic event held at the Billy Dower Youth Centre and hosted by StudentsLink, and funded by StudentsLink Academy.

 There was plenty to do and learn on the day with a very informative StudentsLink mentoring session titled “Starting your own business when young”. All youths who attended were exposed to all they would need to start their own businesses. The seminar also covered important topics such as the tax system, important financial budgeting and saving etiquette to listing the top 10 business ideas for youths these days. This was a very inspiring and motivating talk and they were pumped full of new business ideas they were itching to start them selves. The seminar ended with an in depth discussion on the various skills and abilities they could learn to empower themselves for their future.


This was followed with a the hugely popular activities session with numerous, well planned and enjoyable activities that really showcased our kids true potential. The activities were designed to get them networking, communicating, leading and mentoring – all, while giving us plenty of opportunities to laugh, engage and learn! The lucky attendees were also given a unique employment opportunity by the wonderful event hosts StudentsLink. Based on the peer to peer education principals, 3RealMates is offering the youths in Mandurah a flexible, well paying and engaging work opportunity where they get to tutor other students their age in basic conversational English. Visit their website link for more on this exciting offering.

Pamela Lloyd, our Youth Officer at the City of Mandurah who assisted on the day had many positive things to say “I thought the event was great. Truly I didn’t know that such a wonderful opportunity existed for our kids where they can get employment that is so beneficial and pays them straight away as unemployment rates in WA especially in Mandurah are horrid so giving them an opportunity to make money using their innate abilities is absolutely amazing – I recommend this to anyone looking for a meaningful job that will actually benefit their future.

This sentiment was reflected among the youths that attended too. Bella Burgemeister felt “the event was really informative and engaging and the StudentsLink platform is a really cool idea, especially for young people looking to get a job. I will be really considering joining and recommend it to any one looking to up skill and prepare for the future.”

The event was also supported by our wonderful volunteers Joshua Cabutje (Year 10 student) and Cynthia Giraudo (Year 12 students) who not only benefited from the seminar but also gained valuable volunteer experience by assisting with the set up, video and smooth running of the event.

StudentsLink acknowledged their valuable contributions by providing them with a framed Experienced Tutor Certificate, a $150 gift voucher to use on any RealTeachers’ online courses for high school students and goodie bag as a warm thank you. A special shout out to Cynthia’s generous family who also got in on the fun by assisting with the initial set up before the event.

All in all, the event held was a huge success with our kids taking home not just information and exciting work opportunities but also prizes, goodie bags and a wonderful fun filled memory for all. The City could not be happier with how this unfolded and we are looking forward to more exciting opportunities and events like this one for our youths in the near future!

For more event highlights and pictures taken on the day visit the City of Mandurah’s website. You can also check this out on StudentsLink website by visiting them at

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