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Why Management Skills Are Essential To Your Future

Learning how to be a good manager is a combination of effort, understanding the role of a manger, the ability to manage a team, developing essential work skills combined with gaining work experience and a bit of practice. As a high school student looking for a job, preparing yourself for this eventuality will ensure you are ready to face this responsibility when it comes your way in the future. Companies are looking for effective managers as they become productive leaders and influential representatives of an organisation. Setting yourself up by developing key abilities that make you capable are necessary for any one who is looking to stand above competition and take this on to its full capacity.

As a youth tutor with StudentsLink, you will gain tangible skills that will give you the framework to develop, practice and perfect all the necessary requirements for a strong and sought after leader. By placing you in a real world situation that teaches you the basics as well as gives you the platform to understand the complexities of managing a group of people is an invaluable work experience rarely offered to young people and youths these days. This in effect is what will help you gain success at a rapid rate – So lets look at how a role as an online youth English tutor and youth mentor with StudentsLink will align you to your most successful path and trajectory in life.

Here are the 4 main criterias that show how you can become a capable leader. This also mirrors the skills you will perfect with us as a capable young teacher or online tutor with StudentsLink, an innovative company that offers online English teaching courses for students by students.

  • Becoming a great trainer with the ability to manage workloads and delegate: With StudentsLink this is the crux of the skills you will develop. Once trained and with customised guidance you will be given the responsibility of training and managing up to 4 students each class. This reflects very closely a likely situation you will face as a manager in the future. By preparing class work and your teaching materials you learn to identify and plan yours and your teams’, in this case your student’s workload. By learning to teach and manage your students within a classroom you learn the intricacies of managing a group of people with different skill sets and abilities. By learning to divvy up homework you learn the art of delegation and allocation work to the members of your team.
  • Build invaluable organizational skills: Organisation involves the ability to establish the tasks that you need to do, by when and how. Part of building organisational skills is understanding the requirements of the task. Being ‘organised’ is a crucial skill not only for academic success but for life in general. As a quality youth English teacher, this will be a skill you will perfect as it is a crucial element in being able to deliver the high quality of class required of you with great time management. With real world and constructive feedback, along with great examples of previous youth tutors to follow and guided mentoring, you will develop habits that will make you a phenomenal organiser with above par time management skills.
  • Become an effective and skilled communicator: As an online teacher, youth tutor and young mentor you will need a range of communication skills, including clarity, active listening and empathy, to name a few. You will need to use your listening skills to understand the difficulties that students are having, along with excellent writing skills to be able to prepare reports and plans for their lessons and finally great presenting skills that will help you make a difference and impart knowledge in a coherent and beneficial way. This will not only make you a much loved and respected teacher but will solidify your capabilities not just at StudentsLink online tutor but in your future career and life situations as well.
  • Become a source of influence, mentor and motivator to your team: Influencing others to be involved and engaged is a necessary skill for any leader. Most high school students looking for their first job are either not capable or lack the expert guidance that could help them become effective mentors and leaders. This is because young people and youth are not exposed to real life situations that call for them to become leaders and “influencers”. By becoming part of the 3RM family you are placed in a position of influence with your students. You are given the opportunity to guide, plan and help another’s development. By having actual students look up to you, you are placed in a position of authority and mentor thus giving you a practical example to develop this skill – an example that will show tangible proof to your future employers.

You may notice every one of these involves your “team” — that’s because being a manager isn’t about you anymore. It’s about how you delegate work to others, communicate effectively, get your team to deliver productive outcomes for the company and focus on the big picture of how things are running. Part of being a good manager is helping your teams stay organized and productive.  At an online teaching company like StudentsLink you are taught to make informed decisions by tracking the progress of your students at a glance. Not only is this essential for you to progress in an organisation or within your chosen career path, but if you are able to demonstrate this to your future employer, will guarantee success in whatever you choose to do.

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