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Why Online Jobs Are The Future

With more and more Chinese students relying on online lessons to enhance their skills in the English language, it is easy to see why the current trend of online jobs is booming. People are now living busier lives, so their time in their day is decreasing. Online jobs are becoming more and more available, as the demand continues to grow.

China has millions of students seeking to acquire the English language, prompting the demand for qualified tutors. Parents across the mainland are connecting with native English speakers to help further their child’s education. There are a couple of ways for them to achieve this connection, and one of them is very convenient for a tutor, willing to undertake the rewarding role of having an online job, and working from home.

There is such a high demand for Australian teens and students who are either still in school, or who have just completed their higher education. As more and more Chinese students are warming up to the idea of online learning through 3RealMates, it’s easy to see why online jobs are the future!

Learning online has many advantages. The main advantage is the convenience of not having to leave home to study, and engaging in a more personal experience through the comfort of your own home.

It’s a huge advantage for not only the student but for the tutor also. More and more tutors are reverting to online jobs, to save the hassle of having to up and go to a destination.

Here at StudentsLink, we offer such a service. Our online tutors have the pleasure of working from home, and tutoring not just their students, but their ‘real mates’. Our program is designed to enhance not just the English language, but to form real friendships, between our tutors and our students. Our students are aiming to study and live in Australia, so we feel it is utmost important to set them up with the advantage of pre-learning the Australian way of life, culture, currency, and how to build friendships, so they are already deep in knowledge of their future life before they arrive on foreign shores.

Already having real mates in a foreign country is definitely a huge plus. The students will be a step ahead of their peers, as they are free to talk about anything with our tutors. Any questions from the students are warmly welcomed, and the students feel safe knowing that they are being guided in the right direction. The student’s confidence in conversation will ignite, and they will excel in their new surroundings.

Online jobs such as tutoring via StudentsLink is an exciting, and very rewarding field of employment. Through PowerPoint presentations, our real mates are able to match new words with pictures, play some games and have fun. This is the best form of language acquisition. You will watch the student’s English progress, and grow, and this itself is the most rewarding part.

Thanks to the booming industry of online jobs, learning English, finding real mates and studying foreign cultures has become easier for international students to set themselves up for their future.

Teaching English online
has been around for a while now, and due to the advancements in technology, (especially in the number of accessible WIFI hotspots, and more secure networks), it is now a lot easier to work from home, or from anywhere you desire. Ultimately, it replaces the need to dress up and put on a brave face for the daily grind that awaits you in the office, shop floor or whatever awaits you during the “9-5”.

So, if having an online job, and meeting real mates online seems like your cup of tea, join StudentsLink, and create a future for yourself in online tutoring. Give it a go, and make a difference!

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