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The Importance of Intercultural Communication In The Modern World

The Institute of the Future based in California, identifies a “globally connected world” as one of the six main drivers of structural change for the global workforce among other factors such as a rise of smart machines and systems and the rise of the new media ecology. Innovation becomes more and more dependent on the collaboration between people from very different backgrounds who combine their own expertise to create something new. This happens both on an individual- as well as on an institutional, economic and corporate level. As such, the organizations of the future will work more and more closely with people and institutional partners from all over the world in order to bring as many different perspectives and areas of expertise together as possible.

A company with foresight that is heralding this new way forward in Australia is StudentsLink. Founder Belinda Kappe capitalized on this concept by connecting one of the largest English speaking nations this side of the equator, with one of the largest non-English speaking country on the other – China. StudentsLink is providing the platform for high school students to teach their innate understanding of the English language to the world. This new way of education has taken the world by storm in recent years with the advent of online platforms like Zoom and Skype making it possible to take this concept to a global level. It is now giving students an opportunity to not only partake in a system of learning that works but also an opportunity to connect cultures from the other side of the globe. An online educational platform that is truly cutting edge and creating new and more effective pathways in which we learn and share knowledge.

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